What I say about my work is all well and good, but at the end of the day, what matters most is what my clients say. And people are talking . . .

My husband and I had the best experience working with Kris. Easy to talk to and very responsive. Her patience is amazing only out-shined by her attention to detail and her competence. She went the extra mile to help us put an offer on a house even when we were out town and cell service was sketchy. If you want a realtor that truly works for you, Kris will not disappoint!
— Brent and Angie, West Linn

“Kris is phenomenal! We first met when she was showing an open house that we stopped in to see before we were seriously looking and she was so friendly and personable we knew she was the right fit to be our realtor. The Portland housing market is TOUGH and Kris always had a positive outlook and immediate response time (which is so important when houses are selling so quickly!). We spent several weeks meeting more than once a week and driving all over the city. Luckily, she’s a blast to be around so it made the experience a fun one! Kris is a great negotiator, putting time and thought into crafting the best offer possible to increase the odds of it being accepted. We can’t recommend Kris enough!”
— Chet and Cheryl, SE Portland

“This was my first home buying experience but not my husband’s, so this was a sensitive project already. We wanted different things. Kris navigated our person-alities with ease and professionalism and brought comfort into some tense moments. I cannot express enough how grateful I am that we found her. She was just exactly what we needed for this experience. She is fast, thorough, and knows the business of selling and buying homes. She helped us avoid some big mistakes. She negotiated like a boss and we ended up with a house that we both love with all of our hearts! And that was the goal. Thank you, Kris! FOREVER THANK YOU! “
— Jen and Robert, NE Portland

“I met Kris at an open house when I first started looking at potential new homes. I wasn’t quite ready to sell my condo, and I told that to Kris. She respected my situation and asked how often I wanted to be contacted about new homes on the market and we agreed to slowly start looking. The important thing is that Kris listened to me and respected my needs. She didn’t push her own agenda. I immediately knew that we were a team by the way I was treated. In both the process of selling my condo and in purchasing my new home, Kris regularly updated me with a list of the steps to keep the transfers of ownership going forward. She also included my mortgage company in the loop with appropriate information. When issues arose during the purchase of my new home, Kris was my advocate. She clearly presented my options without telling me what to do. She reaffirmed that she was on my team and was willing to represent my desires in a respectful manner. I knew that I was in good hands. At no time did I ever feel pressured to buy a house because Kris needed a sale. I know that Kris wanted the best choice for me. I always felt informed during every step of both the selling and buying process. Now, whenever I meet someone who is either selling or looking to buy a home, I recommend Kris. I am very thankful that I can do so with the utmost confidence.”
— Julie, SE Portland

“For those of you who don’t love to read a lot in reviews, I’ll just get this out of the way - Kris is the best real estate agent we’ve ever met and there is just no way in H-E-double-hockey-sticks that we can recommend her any higher than we do. We found Kris at a time in our life when we were very  stressed due to personal things happening. Then, we added in that we were going to sell our home and buy another one at the same time. Kris was incredibly patient with us - it took us many weeks between our first meeting and making the decision to move forward 100%. During that time, she gave us space, checking in enough for us to know that she was still there for us, while also respecting that we had a lot going on. Once we were full steam ahead.... she. was. amazing - in every way. She was incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the sale and purchase. She was a great advocate for us and we ended up selling our home in less than a week for well over asking - due in large part to Kris’ recommendations on how to do some minor cosmetic alterations and how to stage the home. One of the best things about Kris was how calm and honest she was each step of the way. Given everything we had going on, it would’ve been too much for us if we had a realtor who was too emotional about things. She took care of everything and shielded us from the things we didn’t need to know as much (at our request). Kris also helped us find our family’s new home in the neighborhood we were looking for. I appreciated Kris, both as a realtor and as a person - she is funny, kind, and genuinely cared about doing the right things for us. Another thing that stuck with me from our experience with Kris is that I TRULY didn’t get the feeling that she was worried about her income from this - in actions or in words. We never felt rushed and she always encouraged us to do what felt right for us, even if it meant a negative impact on her financially. Some people can talk the talk in that area - but I really believe that Kris’ philosophy is to just be kind and take care of people, understanding that the decisions she is helping them with will impact them for the rest of their lives. It was an honor to work with Kris. You won’t be sorry if you choose to work with her. She’s truly the best!”
--Erich and Janae, West Linn

“My husband and I couldn’t be happier with Kris! Kris was an absolutely phenomenal realtor and we greatly enjoyed working with her. As first time home buyers, Kris was with us every step of the way, and was extremely knowledgeable about the market. She was always quick to answer our questions and kept us informed at every step of the process. Kris’ negotiation skills landed us an amazing deal, and love our home! We felt Kris was advocating for us, and truly cared about us finding our dream home. We highly recommend using Kris, you will not be disappointed! Thank you Kris!”
— Rachel and Eric, Oregon City

“I cannot say enough good things about Kris, she was absolutely amazing and it’s truly hard to decide where to start; However, the bottom line is that I’ve already been recommending her to friends who are thinking of buying and will continue to sing her praises and recommend her. From the get-go,  she was easy to communicate with and always quick to respond. When it came to the viewings I appreciated her in many ways. First would be her due diligence on houses I approached her about, getting details about the type of sale, what if any problems have been happening with previous offers etc - I would be able to make an informed decision on if I even wanted to spend the time to go look. Second would be her ability to talk and understand what I was looking for and what my priorities were to suggest viewings that mattered. Third would be the actual viewings - There was never any pressure. Kris has this amazing ability to talk things over with you without actually influencing one way or the other since it is truly the buyers decision. She had valuable insight, and there was this reassurance that there was no right or wrong answer, but the house was out there and it would be great when it did happen. I also felt like she went above and beyond through her knowledge and thoughtfulness in sharing what she knows without any pressure to do things her way. Sharing insights into neighborhoods, what to think of when reselling, considerations for long and short term goals, lenders and money/budget considerations.  As a first time home buyer, I believe its these things that turned what could have been a very long and stressful process into something that was exciting. There are lots of people who can sell houses, but Kris is an amazing individual who helps with finding homes and making dreams.”
--Marie, Gladstone

“We were in the looking phase when I met Kris at an open house. Just one of those first impressions, I could tell she was good at her job and a go getter. We decided to go with her as our realtor and in no way at all were we disappointed. She met our schedule 100% and all in all made the entire process as easy as possible. If you are looking for a top notch person to work with who truly has your best interests in mind you can’t go wrong with Kris. We can’t recommend her enough.” 

— Carole and Cory, Newberg

“Kris is hardworking, honest, dedicated, professional, knowledgeable and respon-sive . She will walk the extra mile for her client. I would recommend her highly . She helped me list and sell my house in Newberg. The house needed repairs while it was listed; I was not present in Oregon during that time but Kris went above and beyond and she coordinated everything to get the job done and the house was sold .”
— Basel, Newberg

“Kris guided me through the entire purchase process effortlessly. She is a master negotiator and, it’s fun looking at houses with her. Like hanging out with a friend. I would definitely work with Kris again!” 

— Sam, NE Portland

“We’ve used Kris to both purchase and sell property. She’s skilled and persistent. In both cases, the transac-tions were challenging. One was a renovation home and the other was a condo with active litigation on it which needed an all-cash buyer. Kris is professional, a good communicator with and works very hard for her clients.”
— Scarlet, NE Portland

“At my request, I am writing this strong, well deserved reference for Kris Kachirisky. Kris was our realtor for the recent sale of our Portland condo in The Pearl. We were facing some challenging market conditions including a slower market, a slower season, HOA association litigation against the developer and a surplus of new apartment and condo offerings. Kris took on these challenges with confidence and commitment. We felt like we had her full attention to our listing. The condo was listed in early January, 2019 and we closed at our asking price at the end of February. Her experience and marketing approach are the key reasons we were successful in selling our condo. She always kept us informed of pro-cess and progress and was always available to answer our questions. It is with complete confidence that we recommend Kris Kachirisky as a realtor you should consider for your listing.”
— The Engers, NW Portland