My work in real estate is driven by the firm belief in our universal need for human connection and empowerment in our lives. That conviction is not confined to just our work together, but to the community around us as well. Toward that effort, a portion of my proceeds from each transaction will be donated to one of these three wonderful, local non-profit organizations. As we come to a close in our transaction, I will to invite you to partner with me on this by selecting the organization to which you would like the proceeds frorm your transaction to be donated.

At p:ear, we regard youth homelessness as a critical human rights issue that needs to be addressed through a lens of dignity and respect. Our youth come from a variety of backgrounds and often face debilitating challenges including familial abuse; mental health challenges; incarceration; sexual minority issues; substance abuse; mental, emotional, physical and sexual violence; failure of state care systems; absent or rotating caregivers; and, various systemic injustices. They enter young adulthood feeling victimized, isolated and distrustful. Their stories are not just personal tragedies, they are a tragedy for our entire community.

The youth at p:ear lack job and life skills, work experience, training and confidence to find meaningful ways to gainful employment. While many factors lead to their homelessness, the overwhelming contributor is a lack of connection to a supportive community. These kids deserve opportunities and experiences in which to gain the confidence, skills and pride required to establish necessary economic stability while transitioning into a contributing adult members of our community.

In addition to providing a foundation of food and safety for youth through our Food and Kitchen Program, p:ear has 3 Main Areas of Focus: Education, Arts and Recreation. From interdisciplinary custom workshops and mentoring to our p:ear works job training programs (including the p:ear barista school, p:ear prints and the bike mechanic school), youth are guided through increasing levels of depth, engagement and responsibility, with an emphasis on the social, fiscal and practical skills that will serve them in their future.
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Proud Ground
Utilizing the community land trust model of permanent affordability, expand homeownership opportunities for low- and moderate-income families so they can live or remain in the community of their choice. Proud Ground leverages community investment in every transaction, buying down the purchase price of a home. In exchange for an affordable home, Proud Ground homeowners agree, should they sell, to shared-appreciation resale provisions that provide for a fair return on their investment while ensuring the home remains affordable for the next low-income, first-time homebuyer. The home remains in Proud Ground’s portfolio of affordable homes, and the original subsidy grows as the home appreciates in value. An ongoing priority is our role in Portland’s campaign to close the minority homeownership gap.  
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Rebuilding Together PDX
We are a nonprofit organization that assists low-income homeowners with needed home repairs at no cost. We have a focus on assisting the elderly, people with disabilities, families with children, and veterans throughout Portland. Our work includes carpentry, electrical, painting, plumbing, flooring, home safety modifications (such as ADA and handrails or wheelchair ramps), debris removal, yard clean-up, and more.  Our goal is to help low-income Portland homeowners remain in a safe, secure, and independent environment for years to come.
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